On things ideal

I have been labelled as idealistic many times before. Even to this day actually, especially whenever I’d stir the topic towards career and life after graduation.

Perhaps to others the ideal is that which is close to perfect if not perfect as it is, something far-fetched, something extremely remote from what actually is, such that trying to conform to it would be being out of your mind, and is apparently only done by young people and amateurs. (As if, on a side note, young people cannot possibly be trusted, and that in this life it’s possible to be an expert.)

But the ideal exists to bring hope, to remind that this is not “as good as it’s gonna get”. More than a mindset, I’d like to think that the ideal is a Promise.

The ideal leaves room for hope, and hope leaves room for faith. And to him who has faith, we’ve all been told –anything is possible.

So leave room for the ideal. Otherwise really, would anything be worth it still?


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