On Crossing Lines

When I was younger I would hold on to my Dad’s arm and dangle my four-year old self as I made attempts to sidestep and hop and tiptoe, even to walk as if to festinate –anything to keep my feet within the squares of the tiled flooring. I couldn’t afford to touch the lines. They were either lasers that would sound off a distant alarm, or blades that would cut right through my feet. Of course it was just all in my head, but you know, something to that extent.

Surely you know exactly what I’m talking about. Everyone, at some point, had to play that game of not stepping on the line, whether with someone or alone.

And in this life many lines have been drawn. Primordial, proverbial lines –lines that simply exist since time immemorial, without us knowing why or how. Simply, there are lines that are not meant to be stepped on, much less crossed. We’re expected to tread safely within these lines, to move along without stepping over and beyond. In a word, we’re expected to avoid them. And I used to believe that, I used to be one of those people who never dared cross any line, thinking that this world has been here far longer than I have, and definitely in all its insight and wisdom there is no chance at all of winning an argument with it, so I might as well just go with it, conform. But the moment I got even just a meagre glimpse of the Truth, I realised how much the whole world was indeed just a stage. It’s an empty space filled with people pretending to be something and someone else, an insatiable vacuum filled with fools running amuck, always in want. And I didn’t want to conform to that.

The Greatest Man who ever lived challenged the status quo. He knew full well about these set lines and He was bold enough to cross them. He knew full well that these lines that people feared so much and foolishly fixed their lives around were, in Truth, frail, empty, meaningless things.

And once, we too were all conformists by default to this staged world. And that is why to be called co-heirs to Him who has conquered the world, is strength enough to keep crossing those lines that this world has drawn with such arrogance and undue authority.

There are lines that, no matter how set they seem to be, are meant to be crossed. Sure it’s going to sound off an alarm somewhere, sure it’s going to hurt as you get cut right through. But if you allow yourself to simply be just one with the world, what kind of life would that be?

Or rather, would there be even Life in that at all.


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