Poetic Love List

Photo by Rowan Heuvel

Photo by Rowan Heuvel

I love how life refuses to teach in plain and simple terms, 
But hides its best lessons behind brilliant ironies,
Like how heartbreaks can make us better lovers,
Or how we become better sailors only out of turbulent seas.

I love how each person is very much different,
Made up of different moments, yet fundamentally the same –
We’re all chasing after dreams, meaning, and purpose
While trying our best to not get caught up in the mundane.

I love how life is made up of second and third chances,
Of how each day you can start anew.
I love how this life is made up of choices – it’s scary sometimes,
But at least you can live your life according to you.

I love how the worst possible scenario is not absolute,
And how the hard times do not last forever;
How you attain and achieve only by not giving up,
And how the only failure is in surrender.

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