I watched her from across the room. She moved with much certainty and inimitable beauty.

She wore a pair of pearl earrings with a plain shirt and ragged jeans. I’m tempted to say that it was her earrings that added the sophistication to her air, but another could equally contest that it was her overall demeanor that did so. Her long, black hair fell delicately on her shoulders, and seemed to dance around her with every sway of her body. Her hips tenderly shifted to the sides whenever she spoke, and her body moved into a lovely arch each time she laughed. Her words were constantly accompanied by subtle gestures of her hands and fingers, and a lovely, innocent smile. Her dark, black eyes narrowed and widened according to the mood of the conversation, and the way that her thin lips occasionally pouted was an invitation for you to tell her more. She had a kind of slender, fragile physique that made the faintest of movements shout with grace, and even her clumsiest moves – at which she secretly, blissfully laughed – bore themselves with perfect elegance.


The Things You Notice About The Person You Used To Love

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