The Sin of Three Dichotomies

Sin of Three Dichotomies

There was a time when I was caught in three dichotomies.

First, the dichotomy of life in the Spirit and life in the world. I treated the two as two different, disjoint spheres when in fact, both function together, with one constantly merging into the other. I sought only individual piety rather than what I could contribute to the outside world. I didn’t concern myself with politics or social issues – I consider them irrelevant in my faith. The dichotomy resulted to detachment.

Second, the dichotomy of love of God and love of neighbor. I considered the greatest command, “Love your God and love your neighbor as yourself” as two distinct commands, when both are one and the same – one cannot function without the other. I was so caught up with “loving God” that I forgot to love my neighbor – I didn’t even know who my neighbor was. I was deaf to the cries of the oppressed, blind to the needs of the victimized. The dichotomy resulted to apathy.

Third, the dichotomy of the justice of the state and the justice of God. I was one of those people who thought that the victims of the EJKs deserved it. I was one of those people who remained unmoved by all the weeping that echoed and all the blood that fell on the streets for I thought that it was all dramatized and staged – a propaganda against the government. I was one of those people who condoned the killings. The dichotomy resulted to injustice.

I was caught up in the sin that these three dichotomies brought – detachment, apathy, and injustice – until I saw that one’s life in the Spirit ought to manifest in one’s life in the world, that the love of God ought to translate into the love of neighbour, that the justice of the state ought to operate according to the justice of God.

There ought to be no distinction, there ought to be no dichotomy – not ever, not at all.


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