On the road to Ubermensch

Maybe life is a series of opportunities to overcome.

To “overcome” in a Nietzsche sense – to overcome the self, to overcome man, to evolve. Perhaps it starts with transcending one’s innate predispositions, default tendencies. Maybe it starts with having that conversation you so adamantly try to avoid. Maybe it starts with running towards, head on, that very thing you fear, rather than running away from it – always running away. Maybe it starts with paying heed to that call, that constant hum in your head which you, on a day-to-day basis, turn off just so that you may conform.

And this morning I did just that – overcome.

And to overcome, at least attempt to, to at least even scratch the surface of, warrants the singing of the soul, a private celebration.

Well, I’m not so much of a coward as I thought, after all.


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